Welcome to La Maison Bazan! 

I’m Diana, the founder and creative director behind all styles labeled La Maison Bazan.

My passion for fashion and especially dresses started at young age when my sister made a few dresses for my Barbie dolls. I watched her and ended up being so impressed with how beautiful they were, with all the different fabrics- shiny and soft, fluent, or with a fancy texture...  I was already hooked and I couldn't wait to learn how to make dresses myself.

Continued my story with designing clothing in high school and college where I focused on pattern making, garment technology, and even ended up as a textile engineer.

I would say without hesitation that my combined experience and the talented co- workers I was, and am surrounded by, plus hard work and passion is what brought me the knowledge I have today. It wasn’t the education that opened many doors for me but the practice and right connections. 

La Maison Bazan is independent online clothing atelier focused on creating single pieces per style to make you feel unique and confident in your look. 

Up cycling method is our main goal behind the scene- mainly using dead stock luxury fabrics from small family owned mills in France, Germany, Italy and Turkey. Silk and Viscose are my favorite yarns!
We don’t use patterns but draping the fabric directly on body shape to keep our vision for one of a kind. Last but not the least, we don’t use polyethylene which is non- biodegradable and non recycled at household level. 

Please, reach out to info@lamaisonbazan.com for more information regarding renting, custom made, etc. 

My wish to everyone is Be Your Own Muse, be You, Love and treat yourself well!